Shoppe Pagan Supporters & Business

Shoppe Pagan Supporters & Business

We have so many talented folks in our community, so many wonderful people who have supported our cause to return to the old ways of simple living of loving the earth! During our wonderPagan Spiritful festivals “The Paganfest Series” we have had some amazing businesses who donated to our events, one recent one being our attempt to #SpreadGoodness with our search for Canadian Pagan Heroes! We had a wonderful giveaway table filled with items donated by so many, we would like to share who they are and we hope that you too see how wonderful they are and take your purchases to them, both in gratefulness for their support to the cause and re-emergence of Pagan lifestyles and in order to keep your hard earned money in the circles we find community with!

A great big thank you to everyone listed below, we love you and thanks so much for making a difference by supporting the Pagan Traditions we appreciate your kindness, non-judgmental open heart and lastly your professional services and products!



Royal Thai Cuisine 

Liquid Chrome

Sir Games~A~Lot 

British Arms 

Earth and Sky Connection 

Flowers and Pine World 

Bliss Ann Green Yoga

Wild Ink 

Unique Ink Tattoo

Vidya Yoga

Georgian Copy & Printers

Aiyana Tribe

Penelope Pickle Bottoms 


Gypsy Scents

Dirty Mother Productions

Crafty Bitch Clothing

Anikwe Cote Creations 

Bonny’s Boudoir 

Sacred Spaces 

Raven’s Knoll 

Sacred White Oak