Belly and Fire Dancers Maria and Sasha Zak

Belly Dancer, Fire Dancer and Aerial Entertainers

Maria and Sasha are fire spinner/dancers, belly dancers and aerial entertainers. They have previously been to PaganFest in 2016 when they produced a pagan film called ‘Whispers at the Fire,’ and we are so excited to have them back!fire dance

Sasha and Maria are twin sisters and part of a dance troupe called Pandora’s Tribe Dance.

Maria is a visual artist, actor, musician, and dancer. Maria has a theatrical approach to dance and uses her skills for activist and humanitarian purposes.

Maria is a modern fusion belly dancer. Originally a theatre actress from Moscow. In 2007 Maria entered the world of dance under teachings of Andrea Freyett and has continued it under Darkside Dance Studios as well as private lessons under Tamara Mascheyeva.

Her performances have become known for her balancing work with swords, baskets, fire and more. Maria brings to the stage her background in circus, busking, Roma-esque dance and the performance art and well as the merging of dance with drama.

She is a social worker, kindergarden teacher, and an artist when not performing on stage. She is the producer and director of Art Fuze Documentary about Toronto artists.


We are incredibly excited to have this magnificent duo back at Paganfest to share their talents with us!

Come and see them perform their art @PaganFest July 17-22 2019.