PAY WHAT YOU CAN Psychic Readings For Charity

PAY WHAT YOU CAN Psychic Readings For Charity

All proceeds go to the Canadian Pagan Spirituals who will donate back to the Paganfest Series of festivals this Seed Fest being one!

There will be 4 of Tamare White Wolfs Apprenticing Tarot Students who have been in the Tarot & Psychic Development Classes for over 3 years. As part of their practice they offer this opportunity to the community in hopes to both benefit their own sessions and to help a good cause, as this non-profit group is dedicated to the reeducation of the old pagan traditions!

Welcome MJ MJWelcome RichardRichard EFT                                                        Welcome TrishTrish Armstrong

Welcome SkylarSky Kilt


Tamare White-Wolf Ordained Minister, Psychic, Esoteric Teacher, Shaman Spiritualist & Energy Healer Tamare White-Wolf created, owns and operates BOTH Earth and Sky Connection Shoppes since 1996. One in the Heart of Downtown Barrie, the other up the street which, we call The Witchy Garden Shoppe, Shamanic Healing & Learning Centre, complete with live and dried herbs, smudges, tea blends, tinctures, slaves and potions . Tamare buys, sells and designs, crafts and showcases a wide variety of Spiritual items, Supplies, Gifts & ART. At her Shoppes, you’ll can find “gifts from around the world”, Local Canadian Art and Multi-faceted Services in an Open, Peaceful Environment.

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