Oct 20-26-15 Weekly Psychic Prediction

Oct 20-26-15 Weekly Psychic Prediction

Oct 20-26-15 Weekly Psychic Prediction With Seer Tamare White-Wolf

Free Weekly Psychic Prediction
Oct 20-26-15
Love-one look at yourself and you realize you need to do some work in order to not be looked over by potential partners! Your a good catch but you have let yourself go in some ways! Communication with the opposite sex needs improvement as you have been in your own little world too long! You can do it!






Oct 20-26-15 1

Health-lots of health hazards just waiting for a host, flu bugs and colds taking their time letting go of you! Still abit tuckered out way before bedtime too, give it a few more weeks and you will be back to your old self! Increase your supplements to build your immunity! Eat hearty foods and drink lots of fluids!






Oct 20-26-15 2
Business-a great big lift of energy brings in the ideas and productivity you have been needing to get some big job projects completed! New blood sweat and tears will be required and sought out, be sure you align with and become the exactly the change you want! Exciting times!





Oct 20-26-15 3
The Grail Tarot by Giovanni Caselli is used in this spread, as you can see they are beautifully depicting the times of the Knights Templar quite nicely! We do have these cards and book available at Earth and Sky Connection ONLINE SHOPPING



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