Moonstone: A Cancer Zodiac Stone

Moonstone: A Cancer Zodiac Stone

June 21 – July 20

Cancer zodiac-cancer-636_0– “the Crab” (Karkinos in Greek, Cancer in Latin).

Cancer is very patient but feels all emotions to the fullest, compassion, joy, anger, sadness. Cancer can be overly sensitive. Family is important to Cancer. Cancer will forgive, but has a good memory.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and Moonstone is a Strong connector to moon energy. As the Moon goes through her cycles, it creates the tides and flows of mother Earth and influences our emotions, behaviours and spirituality. Moonstone works to and show us how to flow with the natural rhythms of life.

Some qualities of Moonstone include: stress relief, helps to ease change, eases childbirth, eases sadness, divine inspiration, aligns and synchronizes energies, helps to encourage intuition and introspection, inflammations in the body and protection in traveling over water.

We have a wide variety of Moonstone pieces in both our shoppes. Come on out to learn more about this amazing stone at Earth and Sky Connection at 11b Clapperton St Barrie or at our Witchy Garden Shoppe, Shamanic Healing & Learning Centre at 461 Penetanguishene Rd, Barrie.