Gender: Feminine

Planet: Saturn

Element: Water

Chakra Colour: Yellow

Medicinal Uses: Lobelia is a powerful antispasmodic and respiratory stimulant, making it useful for asthma and bronchitis.  When applied externally it can relax the muscles and relieve pain for sprains and muscle tension.  Its chemical properties are similar to that of nicotine and therefore it is sometimes recommended for those who are trying to quit smoking. It is sometimes given in convulsive and inflammatory disorders such as epilepsy, tetanus, diphtheria and tonsilitis. Externally, an infusion has been found useful in treating the eyes, and the tincture can be used as a local application for sprains, bruises, or skin diseases. This herb has a general depressant action on the central and autonomic nervous system, and also on the neuro-muscular action. It has been used particularly for its antispasmodic qualities to treat asthma and whooping cough, and also in large amounts to induce vomiting.

Externally, this herb can be made into a poultice for bruises, insect bites, sprains, felons, ringworm, and poison ivy irritation. Lobelia has also been used for decades as a systemic relaxant with a slight depressive effect on the central and autonomic nervous systems.

Magical Uses: When taken in small doses, lobelia creates an energy of health and protection to both the physical and energetic bodies.  Its occasional use may also stimulate prophetic visions.  Crush the dried leaves and place them near your pillow to encourage intuitive dreaming. Throw some powdered lobelia at an oncoming storm to stop its approach.

Other Names: Asthma Weed, Bladderpod, Gagroot, Indian tobacco, Pukeweed, Vomit Wort, Wild Tobacco.

Contraindications: Do not use if you are taking lithium (Diuretic action), use only low doses internally as higher doses can be toxic.



Faye Boyd

I am an ovate (healer) with the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. I am also a Celtic Reiki Master, a Certified Aromatherapist. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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