Ladies Love Mary Jane

dani mary janeDani LaFontaine

Hellooo!!  My name is Danielle Lafontaine… I am a seamstress primarily… and A.D.D crafter of all kinds secondarily. I will be running the Ladies Love Mary Jane ceremony.


here is more information about me.



Ladies Love Mary Jane – Friday, Saturday, Sunday @ 4:20 pm in the Tent llmj

A women’s cannabis peace pipe ritual?! Join Dani for Ladies Love Mary Jane to share a cannabis peace pipe ritual. Women have shared cannabis since ancient times, and many women report incredible changes when they begin to work with cannabis as a plant spirit. This ritual endeavors to honor the sacred magic and healing that cannabis offers to women, and provide a safe space for women to “come out of the cannabis closet.” We will be participating in 3 rounds of passing the pipe, called Odes, Bitch, and Boasts. You do not need to inhale if you don’t wish to, but all are welcome to join in the circle.