Filking with Fiona Hammond and Mark Clarke @Paganfest 2019

Filking with Fiona Hammond and Mark Clarke @Paganfest 2019!

Join Fiona Hammond and Mark Clarke for an hour of the fun art of Filking! We’ll provide the instrumental music to a few popular tunes, you all decide on the song themes and then, together, we’ll have a ball working on new lyrics for the songs. Instrumentalists are more than welcome to join in Fiona’s Fun Filking Festivities! Bring your instruments and singing voices and join in the fun!

For those who aren’t familiar with filking it is a musical culture, genre, and community tied to science fiction/fantasy/horror fandom and a type of fan labor. The genre has been active since the early 1950s, and played primarily since the mid-1970s.

For those who enjoy singing, playing instruments and improvising, you don’t want to miss this incredibly unique and fun workshop!


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Fiona and Mark will also be taking the stage at Paganfest! Click here to learn more.

Click here to check out Fiona’s music!

This workshop will take place around 3:30pm on Saturday, July 20th.