Dance Workshop

DANCE Workshop

From Tribal to Belly Dance with Una Dance (Tanya)

Body Talk – Do you know that you can be even MORE connected to your body? Would you like a different possibility with the yummy Universe that is your body? What if the magic of being with our bodies is just beginning?

Modern Tribal Fusion Belly Dance – This style focuses on having the muscles create the moves rather than focus on the skeleton. This strong and impressive style portrays power and intensity rather than soft and buoyant. (No coin belts)


Traditional Belly Dance – This style is soft and loose and allows a flow and is usually bouncy and light. (Coin belts welcome).

ITS (Improvisational Tribal Style) – A group dance where specific moves and ques are taught. This style allows the group (tribe) to work together to create what looks like a choreographed performance. (Belts of all kinds welcome.)

Saturday & Sunday 3pm In the Park