The Fire Dance : Ishokde-Zhigaawin


Related PostsLaurien43Laurien Laurien Psychic & Clairvoyant and a Hereditary Intuitive Empathic / Synaesthete with a lifelong love of science and a knack for finding the gifts innate in life’s challenges.  Her commitment to bringing out the best in people has taken her on many journeys in her twenty five year career; from living in…Tags: connection, sky, earthWhat is […]

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SEEDFest 2016 Schedule

schedule cartoon

SEEDFest 2016 Schedule Its done, it is written in stone lol yeah right as always please be understanding if somehow the workshop you’re interested in is late! Welcome to the first teaching about our folk, PST = Pagan Standard Time lol Bring a Pot Luck, Instrument, maybe a chair, your curiosity, your plant extras and […]

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The Maypole Dance

Maypole dance 2015

The Maypole Dance Maypole dancing is most often associated with May Day celebrations all over the world but also happens at other times of celebration. Originally commemorating the arrival of spring, May Day was a holiday with much merry-making. A young girl was selected as May Queen often with a May King. They were “crowned” […]

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Embracing Change


Embracing Change Embracing Change with Nanaura & Azyrza Soul Azryka and Nanaura Soul are trained in a Sumerian oral mystery tradition and are the founders of the Etherian Temple Congregation (E.T.C.), a metaphysical school that trains individuals in a variety of spiritual and sustainable topics to help one become aware of the Ethereal Realms and […]

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Divine Align


Divine Align A Shamanic Sound Journey & Spoken Word Gathering of collective celebration In the seeking and bridging of the Divine Align, through earthly & celestial sounds is the sacred wisdom of the journey with the Grandmother Drum, Visual Art, Prayer, Poetry and to bath in the musical harmony of Brass & Crystal Bowls…. With Biljana @ Divine Play, and Friends. (bring your […]

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