The Fire Dance : Ishokde-Zhigaawin


Related PostsLaurien43Laurien Laurien Psychic & Clairvoyant and a Hereditary Intuitive Empathic / Synaesthete with a lifelong love of science and a knack for finding the gifts innate in life’s challenges.  Her commitment to bringing out the best in people has taken her on many journeys in her twenty five year career; from living in…Tags: connection, sky, earthWhat is […]

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Community Potluck Feast

Sacred Meal, one rainy day!

Community Potluck Feast Community Potluck Feast “The Paganfest Series” Community enjoys in gathering for a potluck feast on the Saturday @6:30 of the event, on this sacred land of Earth and Sky Connection to share food, love and merriment!     Please bring a dish, if you can bring something associated to the theme or season […]

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Jenny Robert

Jenny robert2

Jenny Robert ~ You may have seen Jenny perform at events such as Kaleidoscope Gathering, Wolfsong Gathering,  numerous Pagan Pride Days and recently across the eastern coast by train! Jenny will keep your heart and soul activated with her velvety smooth vocals, her sweet and loving personality, and her undying passion for life. Her haunting […]

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