It’s the Law

Exploring the Natural Benefits of Cannabis
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Featuring Stew Sparks ~Cannabis Activist & Musician
Stew Sparks has been advocating for marijuana as a natural medicine for many years. Stew understands what we are up against with the government and the antiquated medical system we presently live in! These are exciting times in Canada with regards to the changing laws, and the newly accepted recognition of marijuana as a natural healing medicine for many ailments. Stew is very passionate about circumstances that will effect us negatively, and things you might want to know. Cannabis legislature is not as simple as it seems. 
Stew will explain the role of homeostasis in the body and the role that Cannabis plays in this exciting and invigorating workshop. 
Together will cover all things associated with cannabis as a medicine during this informative workshop. We will explore how to incorporate cannabis into your diet, as well as how to grow it. In addition, Stew will have feminized seeds for all attendees. Stew will lead us on how to integrate cannabis into smoothies, juicing, baked goods, as well as everyday cooking.
Stew has many ideas and proof that most illnesses respond well to THC & CBD if used according to illness, and has the power to produce positive results over many other medical and pharmaceuticals methods of healing.
Stew will also discuss the proven ability and benefit of cannabis to cure cancer.
Stew shares his passion in fitness too, with “Clean Eating” for optimal vitality. This section of the workshop will wrap up the discussion nicely!
Looking forward to seeing you Sunday @ 2 @ the Sacred Fire Pit