A Walk in the Night

A Walk in the Night

With Lupa and the Paranormal Investigators

We walk this land, always mindful. We feel connections to spirits, they to us. As the veil thins, that connection can get stronger, the voices louder, the spirits, closer. Take a walk with Lupa, and her lead investigator, as we walk, on the land, into the night. Who will walk 1658587_10152369104605925_8699807917085448854_owith us? Pioneers? Natives? Or the fun loving Hippies that called this place home once? Walk with us, as we use our equipment, our knowledge, and ourselves, to communicate with those who have walked this land before us.

Oct 3rd at 645pm Main FirePit

Stephanie Bardy

Investigator and researcher of the para, and supernatural. Witch, wife, mother, and writer.

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