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Our Paganfest ~ Beltaine May 2nd, 3rd & 4thm IS POSTPONED Due to our HOST Earth and Sky Connection's Downtown Shoppe Location's Fire.... We are very sorry and ask you to consider the SiMuCor Beltaine Celebrations held at Ravenwood ~ Our PAGANFEST Event will be held the 3rd weekend every July from here on in! Jul 17th thru to 20th 2014 ....4 Days 3 Nights FREE DAY PASS Friday & Saturday Evening Concerts & Camping is Optional.....Vendors Space is Limited ! 



Our Downtown Shoppe is closed until further notice Our Barrie Head Office & SHOPPE 461 Penetanguishene Rd LOCATION IS NOW OPEN  > Hours


Thursday 11-6pm  

Friday 11-6pm 

Saturday11-6pm                                                          Sunday11-4pm                                                    



(It is under construction so many more products will be posted as we go)

Exciting News with our LAUNCHING of our ONLINE PSYCHIC SERVICES.

Visit Psychic Spirit Gardens & our Private Video Chat Room Just register your membership and choose a Psychic to speak too!  


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Facilitator~ Tamare White-Wolf RESCHEDULED UNTIL APRIL It has many years since we offered this amazing workshop, now back by popular demand. The class will be structured to include herbal usage both medicinally and magically. We will include rituals for Sabbats & Esbats from a global pagan standpoint. It is expected that after a full year each participant will have what is needed to establish and create their own coven/moot, and will have a great understanding of the universal forces a Wise Woman may draw from! All sessions will be held on 3rd Monthly Sundays $20- at 10am - 11:30am Blessed Be MUST REGISTER PLZ ... [read more]

PAGANFEST 2014 Jul 17, 2014

PAGANFEST~BELTAINE 2014 was cancelled due to our Host Earth and Sky Connection having a fire on March 8th... therefore we postponed the event until July 17th and at this time will continue with this flow and the situation and permanently change the event to always be the 3rd weekend in July...Obviously it wont be Beltaine, infact we suggest our brother and sisters share in the Beltaine festivities with SiMuCor . We however will be from here on called PAGAN FEST ! FREE FOR ALL CONTRIBUTING PARTICIPANTS OR Fees are as follows Adults $70 weekend of Camping Children 12 to 19 $30 weekend of Camping under 12 n Seniors 65 FREE. CONCERT> Friday/Saturday NIGHT $10 each- FREE DAY PASSES ALL WEEKEND (CAMPING NOT INCLUDED) Volunteers, performing artist and facilitators/teachers FREE WEEKEND PASS>>>> FREE YES FREE FREE WEEKEND PASS to Registrants for BOXWARS> http://paganfest.ca/boxwars.php , FREE EVENING PASS TO PARTICIPANTS OF THE HANDFASTING WEDDING >http://paganfest.ca/wedding.php PERFORMERS, TEACHERS & FACILITATORS and VOLUNTEERS will have the FEES WAIVED for THE ENTIRE WEEKEND! In recognition of your input we exchange waived WEEKEND admission! Thxs so much for contributing to the PAGAN WAY we appreciate it!... [read more]

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 Psychic Development & Meditations
Psychic Development & Meditations Apr 21, 2014

WEEKLY MONDAY SESSIONS ~ Bring YOUR Favorite Divination TOOL for SHOW & SHARE SEGMENT! Meditation is very useful for clearing stress and anxiety, which stands in the way of our "Psychic Self'! Once we are stress free we are better able to tap into our Intuition, Perception and Receptivity! Thus opening the door to over all success! Allow Tamare White-Wolf to assist you with your journey to your authentic self, she can give clarity to the many complex images brought thru your meditiation, simply and directly! See you there! ... [read more]

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