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Earth and Sky Connection


Although struggling throughout the covid experience and road closures in the downtown Barrie area due to septic and water pipe upgrades, we are OPEN! We also provide curbside, real time virtual, texts n pictures, delivery in town and out mail for those who are at a distance or for those home bound facetime or iPhone video experience. We encourage groups and singles who need many items or who need advice to arrange for a private viewing appointment. Otherwise please stop by during our new hours of business and wait outside 6 feet apart. We have create an awesome WINDOW SHOPPING experience if you are the lucky one waiting.

We have a huge assortment of herbs, resins and powders needed for medicinal and magical purposes. Come see our selection of beautiful, jewelry, crystals/gemstones, and items (such as clothing, statues, plaques, altar and sacred tools) of cultures from the four corners of the universe and many in between!  “One of the most comprehensive metaphysical medicine shoppes in Ontario!” This is a quote Earth and Sky Connection has heard from our clients over the many years of business (since 1996).

Our Readers and Healers

We also feature some of the absolute best Psychics, Alternative Healers, and Esoteric Teachers in the area! You have to check us out, in person if you can because both of our locations are very different! However our shopping cart is pretty complete too!

Our Locations

The ATLAR-Native Spirit Shoppe located in the Heart Of Barrie’s downtown at 5 points!

We are available online for Shopping and Psychic Readings

Our Staff

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff look forward to assisting you to finding exactly what you need to complete your altars and sacred space. They are living spiritually and most have been with Earth and Sky Connection since its conception (1996). They are here to offer you a hand up the spiritual ladder by providing you with information you may need.

Our Garden Centre

We have a collection of over 400 herbs! (including live and dried herbs, tea blends, smudge bundles, resins, powders, tinctures, salves and potions)

We have some wonderful garden buddies, outdoor spiritual items and large crystals too.

Chi-Miigwetch & Blessed Be Tamare White-Wolf