Weekly Psychic Prediction May 11-17-16

Weekly Psychic Prediction
May 11-17-16
imageLove-you will be wondering why you even talk during this Mercury retrograde as you seem to have all 4 limbs in your mouth! Ask yourself why you blurt out such nasty retarded thoughts to or about those you love! It’s like they get all the worst of you, not what you really mean to do. We hope that they love us unconditionally so we can be ourselves but heck is that really who we are? Yuk even you don’t like who you seem to be when you spew out such things.
Ok get it together these are people we love and you must figure out how to not do that as you really don’t want to hurt anyone especially those you love! You are a spiritual being having a human experience and if you work on it you can refrain from saying everything you think without rephrasing it to a more pleasant choice of words! You will be on the edge of deciding whether you should be in a romantic relationship at this time as you may have some inner work to do first! Others who have been single may decide they like it this way for a little while longer! Finally there are some who have been alone for along time decide they are going to make a change and decide to put an effort into coupling with someone! Be mindful of being overly critical with others as we are all doing our best, besides who do we think we are being so judgemental anyway? Look for everyone’s positivity, the things that are good, the things that make them wonderful! Say I love you as much as you can. Feel the love within an all around you! Be kind and playful with yourself and all those in your life. If you find that hard than honestly you need to work on loving yourself as that itself helps us to see others in loving ways. Stay connected to original source, stop over thinking and “be here now”!?
imageHealth-you will be fighting yourself this week as you flip that old schedule of self destruction to one of self reflection and action! It won’t be easy to do as its like a bad habit you really have to force yourself to actually listen and do as you say you will do. Imagine a staff or loved one not listening to your needs, how would you feel? You would be irritated, annoyed and feel the need to say so, right? Geez you might even fire them or leave them, right? So why do you, do it to you? Expect the same from yourself and be your own best friend. During this time it is absolutely possibly to get on top of this healthy life style you have been working on! Dream it and it is possible! Get up, get ready, get going and just do it! Make this a time where no matter the mountain of effort you climb it as you know deep down you can overcome anything, yes even something as draining and debilitating as cancer! You are as the gods and goddesses capable of greatness! Kick your own ass, fight your worst fears, pick yourself up an know you can create your future exactly as you want it! Let go of improvised thinking, let go of past belief systems, let go of old scripts of negative self talk, be who you know you are capable of being! This is a time when all things are possible as whatever you hold in your mind is actually achievable! Just do it!
imageBusiness-just about anything is possible this week, wave that wand and it will manifest itself right before your eyes! Whatever you work on will leave an amazing legacy for those behind you. So many great ideas, great and thought provoking projects on the go, so keep your eyes focused on the prize as all things are possible! Remember though that those assisting you need positive reinforcement, positive affirmations and a pat on the back from time to time!
Whatever you have been working on over the last few months will finally come to fruition! You may have to tweak things abit thou so be patient with the fine details.
A few tasks or projects that have come to be will be scrutinized and re-jigged as you will realize how they can be better, how new blood may infuse the task with more stable and secure energy. Throw out your ideas on the table to those who may be helpful offering even more for you to work with, go with the flow! Let your instincts guide you as they are perked up and vibrant! You will be delighted to have these ideas received well by those you approach and ask for their assistance! This will be a good week for business in general, you may have to be a tad self focused thou as you are all about the whole picture! Don’t let anything get you down as they are only crimps in your armour and all can be smoothed out with ingenuity and integrity.


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