Weekly Psychic Prediction March 30-April 5-2016

Weekly Psychic Prediction
March 30-April 5-2016
Seer Tamare White-Wolf
LoveVibe-you are full of love, even towards those that likely don’t see it or even deserve it however you have been working on loving you too! Those that don’t offer you a loving energy really don’t deserve to be in your presence! You may give them a wide birth and still they will find a reason to dis you! Continue withdrawing your attention and wait for the dust to settle and hope they find the help they need to get their own act together before you go anywhere near them!image
Some singles here will notice that love is taking its time to find them! Just be patient and keep doing what you do, someone is noticing your ever move! Your perspective is off due to you harbouring your past. You may even be accepting the martyrdom position or wounded healer be careful not to stay here as it is not in your best interest!
Those already in relationships will be concerned about your lovers because of their choices, as they may not be facing something with positive actions or behaviours. You see that it is hard for them to switch into a good groove, just keep the faith and give them a hand up when they ask!
HealthVibe-you have been collecting knowledge regarding a lifestyle changes and realized you have plenty of options that will work! The plan needs to be mapped out and followed, you will be excited to begin. You can see an image of yourself in your minds eye and keeps you on track! You have been here before however this time you have the power of the sword enforcing and assisting with your resolve to “just do It” !image
Some folks you have been battling with serious illness will be considering under going more “break and enter” resolve! If you have to do it, so be it! Make the best out of the situation and look for the best options before making any final decisions, don’t waste time thou as time has importance.
Take a moment with your inner self after you have gathered facts and potential solutions! Dream on it too and write down what thoughts stick, schedules that would work best, plans of attack, support systems, now get ready for movement and change! This will be an opportunity of a lifetime to bring back the real authentic you once and for all! One step at a time!


BusinessVibe- refinement and simplification is the order of business at hand! Last weeks templates and manuals for success will need to be distributed to the rest of the staff. Make sure you take time to show and share your plans and methodology in order to ensure everyone’s view and is in agreement on the best course of action ahead!image
You will still be scrutinizing things that have not worked in the past or pending issues of either law and order or how the media sees you! This maybe a great week to finalize somethings and get your best look out there! The past is the past now how do you get those that made harsh judgement about you or your business to drop their opinions and renew their intrigue just enough to give it another chance! It’s possible only with education and humility! Be sure you advertise accordingly to get the results you want!






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