Weekly Psychic Prediction June 8-14-16

Weekly Psychic Prediction
June 8-14-16
Seer Tamare White-Wolf
imageLove-singles may realize how guarded they are and even when there’s a chance at love they are either too shy, too settled in their ways or too aware of what it takes to couple up! Just for that they may end up being totally surprised when a suitable lover shows up unexpectedly!
Coupled already? You may recognize a loss of romance and attention. Just take a moment and re-gig your time tables and identify those needs and most will come out the other side smelling like roses! Others I’m sorry to say will feel the thorns and plan a final get away from it all, welcoming single life once again!
Either way no one really sees the shift coming but it’s time, time to love authentically! Don’t forget be real, be open and be strong!
imageHealth-oh yah this is it… Letting go of what no longer serves your highest good! Once and for all you gather the strength to fully walk away from the life you fell into back into the life you once loved dearly!
Do you remember what you loved, what inspired you, what made you so full of energy and excitement? Can you honestly answer why you inched away from it all? Did you follow the needs of others? Did you get wound up in everyone else’s expectations and needs? Did you replace the things you loved with things that demanded your attention?
It’s time for you to bring back the selfish, self focused, self loving attention that will bring back the true health full you! Get ready, your going to really feel the shift each week until the end of the month than you will have tweaked yourself back to your true authentic self revealing needed and wanted energetic health once again!
A reminder that those wanting out of this earth walk will be checking out and there’s little anyone can do about it except love them home!
Sorry for your loss my friends, there has and will be more leaving this earth plane again until the end of June! Death should slow down afterwards!
imageBusiness-it’s surely a week of reminiscing the old ways, recognizing what has gone astray, tweaking your plan and redirecting your helpers!
Work smarter not harder is the over idea as you realize you only have so many hours in a week to offer your work life! Over the past years you may have given yourself too much to the cause and lost pieces of yourself due to this over sight!
Honestly look around how accomplished are you really, do you think you could have done better, been more organized, had more efficient helpers? If you answer yes to these questions you know you have some final work cut out for you, as you smooth out the creases and roll out a new improved plan of direction! Biggest question this week will be ” how do I reach my desired goals without losing myself” ! Before you ask this question of yourself remember what you really “love” be sure you are injecting this truth, now go, full steam ahead! Be well and enjoy this spring week!

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