Weekly Psychic Prediction Jun 29-July 5-2016

Weekly psychic prediction

June 29- July 5 2016

Seer Tamare White-Wolf

imageLove-yes summer has arrived and so has all those lovely feelings of certainty that you found yourself in a situation where the love of your life is your best friend too. Those in relationships will have moments of such euphoria you will be a little overwhelmed with emotion due to the depth of your feelings for your partner. Even a slight experience of jealousy and possessiveness will shock and surprise you. It’s just because you love so much, relax would you pretty sure they feel it too!
Those single folks definately find themselves pondering the possibilities of potential suitors, but there’s this one person that keeps coming to your mind and dreams!
Both singles and those in relationship will find their connection to that special someone is very strong I’m psychic level. You will know
Exactly how they’re feeling what they’re thinking and by golly you might even be able to finish their sentence. This week that will be startling and extremely clear, you have a connection like no other.
It should start out like a hum a delight and excitement however unfortunately all your stuff will come to the surface it just might frighten you into doing nothing. But your heart is a bound and your mind is swirling with thoughts of what if!
Some may want to protect what they’ve built, preserve independence but the heart still wanders and the mind tries to find away.
A lot of good luck follows this kind of energy be patient things are happening in the ethereal plane in your favour!
imageHealth-looks like many will experience issues with their breath their lungs and respiratory system. Take care in all the ways you know, a little effort can go along way. Let go of all things that hold u back, aggravate existing complaints and that you know just aren’t good for you.
Nature continues to call you out, once you are in the space of Mother Earth it is obvious how it rejuvenates your soul.
Be possessive of your health by engaging it with positivity! Let go of whatever doesn’t serve your highest good! Whether it’s food, not exercising, allowing negative thoughts or people into your life it will all be addressed!
If there are those hanging on in this life, their bodies may make the decision to go home, emotional it will be very hard, remember it’s their choice and is best for them! Rejoice instead for the time you shared and bless them on their travels!
imageBusiness-so much will come together so quickly it may have you spinning in circles! Your personal life issues will still be a big priority so you will getter done so you have time to play and to attend to things that come up!
You have stirred the energy enough for others to take over however there is still the cash flow concern and you will have to consider all that before taking the back stage! Leaving a legacy is hard work and requires a lot of juggling!
Business, health n love are very connected this week, and one may pull the other into priority whether you plan it or not!
One thing is for sure be mindful of your money and be frugal for a time longer your still battling debt and cash flow as it is going around this week!

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