Weekly Psychic Prediction Jan 26 – Feb 1 – 2016 Seer Tamare White-Wolf

Weekly Psychic Prediction Jan 26 – Feb 1 – 2016

Seer Tamare White-Wolf


Love- The loves of your life will somehow return in a fashion that will set you up to review your whole experience with them! Spirit offers this as an opportunity for you to see just how far you have come without them! It maybe that when those relationships ended it was due to immaturity, mental disability and/or addictive or obsessive behavior! Don’t let their actions determine who you are instead recognize the facts, you ended the connection due to your observations and experiences you have nothing to judge yourself harshly on, you are super star, know who you are! Let love flow between you all but take no responsibility for others! Your choices have been stellar over the past years. Your leadership has been fair, kind, firm and focused…offer love to yourself too as you deserve it, you have shown strength and courage where others would have paled, give yourself a shake…all the way to the top! Your loved beyond your awareness, you’re respected by those you see as hero’s and you are an example to many who cant live without your inspiration! A strange week where living in the past memories, aligning them with the present and finally seeing clarity for a better future!


jan26Health- Selfishness is not always a bad thing, in fact it is your reflection you need to look at! If you are trying to shine wellness then it must be seen both on the inside and the outside! How do you create the image you want to portray? It will take hard work and a deep listening to the self talking back at you! Yes it talks, but do you actually hear it and further do you actively listen to yourself?

Quit smoking, eating foods that don’t serve your highest health, see a counselor and/or get outside when its not too cold! Your body, mind and soul are not impressed with your lackadaisical ways! Caution is required here as your options to return to a healthy stance is in jeopardy so instead of transposing your irritation to others kick your own ass for a change! In the end you will reflect both good and bad from the inside out, you might as well reflect exactly what your heart and soul is really about! Tough love self…NOW!


jan26 1Business- Actively communicating and assisting your clients in many ways will increase everyone’s level of joy and appreciation! Even the little things you do will be noticed. Just being yourself, everyone else is taken anyway! You will realize that your a gem and will be honored for it!  That will also be reflected in your clients as not only will they love you and all you do but you too will love all they are and what they do! A week of mutual respect and comradely connections will keep your energy high and spirits abound!  It will become very apparent that the relationships between you and your clients is symbiotic one and needs much consideration, nurture and engagement! You might also realize you have a few secret admirers coming around, what to do with that remains a bit of a mystery! I guess if your looking for a work place love affair it may very well be possible! Work may also get in the way of any existing love affairs just because you are super busy! Thank fully Mercury is out of retrograde however the shadow for a few more days and can still instigate miscommunication if your not careful! Be patient and practice selective omission until things settle down and get back to normal!

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