Weekly Psychic Prediction Jan 19-25-16

Weekly Psychic Prediction
Jan 19-25-16
Seer Tamare White-Wolf


imageLove-awareness comes and reveals your past and how it greatly changed the way you are today! It has been a slow and gradual shift keepi ng you focused and even mesmerized! Sacredness over lustfulness will be intertwined within your thoughts and how one brings about the other! In the end it is spiritual and sacred that you hold out for! It’s a choice that presents itself in the face of innocence and true love! The reality of the state of humanity is shocking and kinda disgusting to you, lowering your standards is not an option! Rise up and hold space for spiritual love and sacred sexual experiences! Put no energy to what doesn’t serve this vibration! Your on the right path don’t limit yourself to lowliness or lower your standards to fit in!



Health-we all know that S.A.D.S is real as most of us see it in our close relationships if not ourselves! You really need to get outside but it’s way to blizzard like in the north! Plan a get away and bring that sun vibe into your being, you will feel much better for it! If you stick around you be contemplating family who seem to hate you, community who don’t get your true being and self judgment that will drive you crazy! Take high contents of vitamin D and maybe some nice stimulating herbal teas or St. John’s wort tincture to lift that nasty vibe! If you find you can’t muster up the energy to respond one way or the other come get some Rhodiola tincture it will boost your energy in no time! Change your space to reflect your sensual side and wait it out because “This too shall pass”!


imageBusiness-take some alone time to find the answers you need, consulting those with good advice and ingenuity will be very productive! Get rid of antiquated programs and people that don’t get the upgrades as they will pull you down and it’s time to rise up! Give no time and don’t coddle those that don’t completely love your business and do whatever they can to lift it into the light of the stage! This is a huge transition and everyone involved needs to make the changes in order to reach the goals outlined! Don’t be afraid to do as you must!




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