Weekly Psychic Prediction Dec 15-21-15

Weekly Psychic Prediction
Dec 15-21-15
Seer Tamare White-Wolf

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Love- lots of valued conversation and gatherings with both family n friends, more is intended however realistically one can only be in one place at a time! You will likely have to decline a few invites either due to too many responsibilities, unstable weather or some other conflicting issue! Just talk it through n an acceptable compromise will be found! Cooperation n kindness is the key to long term harmonious relationships!





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Health- It’s been too long now that stress of business or family have always demanded u put them first! Looks like u have to adjust yourself n realize that u really need time with yourself doing what makes u really happy! Now to figure out what exactly that is! Start with ur health, ur body, ur mind, ur spirit, ur emotional heart and ur intellectually desires! Alter ur previous schedule to fit YOU into! Take a morning swim, bring a healthy lunch to work, take an afternoon stroll with ur dog, read a few chapters of a book, talk on the phone with n old friend, have dinner with a new friend! Strengthen your whole being by serving it both your attention, time n commitment. Be your own best friend!



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Business- take a cool aloof look at the situation your faced with at work! It’s a matter of good business practise to do as u must! So called associates r not as loyal n considerate as is required! There maybe a super selfish streak in the midst of all they do! Let go of the “me” focused individuals n inject the “we” kinda folks into the team! In fact find a way to inject yourself back into the front lines permanently as you have been missed n will enjoy the switch up! Give some of the behind the scenes job to someone who loves it n finds it easy! Take ur place at the helm n have fun shinning!




dec 15-21-15

Nefertari’s Tarot
This incredible tarot deck created by Silvana Alasia combines a gold foil background with ancient Egyptian times during the rule of Ramses n Nefertari! It boasts 5 languages, Italian, English, French, German n Spanish!
I love this deck as it is rich in art, symbols, hieroglyphs n images of the gods!



I hope you enjoy this Weekly Psychic Prediction

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Blessed Yule n Mary ChristMass
I hope your holiday season is abundantly substantial, fantastically fun n rejuvenates u to relax!

Much Love & Many Blessings Tamare xoxo