Voodoo Ritual

Voodoo Ritual









Witchdoctor Utu, with members of the Niagara Voodoo Shrine, Dragon Ritual Drummers and friends

Ritual to honour and bring forth the spirits of the Underground Railroad. Ontario has a unique and sacred legacy of being an integral last stop of the U.G.R.R. and St. Catharines was home to Harriet “Mama Moses” Tubman for many years during her time as the legendary conductor of her freedom train.


While we unite in the ritual, we will honour the spirits with a Cairn and Cross; a symbol and living altar for those whose graves have been lost to time whilst they fled for freedom. When we build the Cairn and Cross, we receive blessings from the healing spirits that surround Mama Moses.


Faye Boyd

I am an ovate (healer) with the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. I am also a Celtic Reiki Master, a Certified Aromatherapist. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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