Totem Animals with Tamare White-Wolf

TOTEM ANIMALS with Shaman Spiritualist Tamare White-Wolf 

It is said that we all carry the spirit of an animal, many of us have more than one, in fact there is such a thing as a Totem Animal Reading which reveals 9 such creatures all there to assist and elevate you in some important way. Tamare has been providing these kind of sessions for over 25 years.

She has even taken this modality into some of the local schools sharing with the children open to this spiritual thinking. The children loved to know what their main totem animal is and so will you as your inner child is craving the connection to nature that we once had as children. Lets start this festival off with some very stimulating teachings of the ancient ways of the Native Americans of turtle island. Tamare herself is obviously wolf medicine, but she also carry’s the Eagle and Bear. Find out what you carry, or maybe confirm what you already know to be close to your heart.

Workshop will be at 4pm on Wednesday @ The Sacred Fire Pit.


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