The Witch Dance

The Witch Dance (Men are Witches too and welcome)

We will be Performing the famous Wolfshager Hexenbrut, you gotta know the one as many of use have shared the below video on facebook everytime it goes around!

There will be one practice round before our performance so everyone can participate! Saturday Oct 1st @11am However we will have a number of practices for those that can make it in the weeks to come!

We will perform it at Musefest Oct 1st. It’s easy really once your try it a few times but we need to get our timing n turns in sync so practising a few times will help! Many of us work n with the potential hot humid days it’s best either after work hours, early mornings weekends n 6ish.
the-witch-danceWe will all dress up at performance complete with broom n hat, but if you have a broom plz bring it to the practice. At MuseFEST we can have a besom crafting workshop in the morning (Saturday 10am) for those that need one n wanna come dance with us, I figure many are capable of picking it up even with out practice so we can have a practice before the performance n invite them to dance with us!
Maybe you can’t make it out much or at all but remember u can still join us at Fest!
Oh n there’s a contest for best dressed witch lol also all contestants are entered into the draw for runner up! Got some great prizes too!

Here’s a few times I can provide a few hours to practice, it’s been fun n hope you join us!
Ok last of the rehearsals are Wednesday Sept 21, Friday Sept 23 & Monday Sept 26, 6pm! Also One morning slot on Saturday Sept 24 at 10am That’s it until Musefest!

If you miss the above dates don’t worry we can catch you on Oct 1st 11am & 2pm with Twilight leading the way!

Much love n let’s have some fun my friends! ?