The Art of Dowsing, Witching and Pendulums

The Art of Dowsing, Witching and Pendulums


Richard Morden

EFT Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Tarot Student, an organizer for the Barrie Dowser.


Richard is a father of 2 young adults in Barrie, Ont! Richard became awake and aware when a friend loaned a movie “The Secret”. and the realization from this movie. You control your life by the way you think, so since we are only 10% conscious and 90% subconscious how and what are we thinking about during our waking hours really does affect us! 

Avid reader of many books to help understand how we use our mind and what patterns of thoughts and habits influence our lifestyle. Currently developing programs for supporting people in career changes from retirement and a Men’s program for a deeper understand off our emotional self-awareness.


Sharing in the Art of Dowsing, Witching and Pendulums

Dowsing rods, also called, divining rods, Y-rods or L-rods are an ancient tool, and one that has had as many proponents as skeptics. Without a doubt the tools have a vast history and have been employed for many uses. Most people, when they think of divining rods, probably envision someone walking a property with a forked stick in their hands looking for water. But finding water tables are only one of the uses for dowsing rods, they also have a long history of being employed to find mineral lodes, metallic ores and even petroleum. They have also a long history as a divination tool by fortune telling tellers. They have been used to foretell the future, find lost items and even commune with the dead, or so dowsers claim.
In their oldest and crudest form,  a dowsing rod is a single forked twig usually of hazel wood. The forked ends of the twig were held in either hand by the dowser, who then walks about looking for water or minerals,. When a vein is crossed the end of the twig is said to bend down, or in some cases snap down decisively, indicating where to dig. Diviners claim that under the effect of “rhabdic force,” the rod twists or revolves by its own force, called “rhabdic force;” the term rhabdic deriving from the Greek for rod. The ability to dowse, is supposedly an innate ability held by only the chosen few, a talent much like (or perhaps is the same as) ESP or psi.
Those who have studied dowsing rods seem to believe, like Einstein suggests, that the power to move the rods lie not with the rods but within the user herself. According to the article, Dowsing: Subconscious and the Paranormal; How Does Dowsing Work? Stephen Wagner interviewed the Director of the Western New Rock Paranormal [Group] of Rochester, Dwayne Claud, who suggested, “It’s not psychic ability, its biomechanics. The rods move through unconscious micro-muscular movements. The subconscious is in control of the responses the dowsing instrument provides.” Claud seems to affirm Einstein’s reaction that the rods react to the user, and the user to his/her subconscious.

imageCome watch the magic as he shows and shares the magical workings of finding water, illness and answers to important questions!  Like what is the sex of your child! Bring your own to learn how to use!

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