Tamare White-Wolf, Founder

Tamare White-Wolf 

Psychic, Ordained Minister, Esoteric Teacher, Shaman Spiritualist, Healer & Death Doula

In 1989, I began integrating, practicing and sharing what I learned about Shamanic & Pagan traditions, the Medicine Way & the Mystical Lessons of Mary Magdalena, found in the Journey of the Tarot! I believe my destiny is to share this knowledge whenever called through Teaching, Healing, Art & Music!”



Tamare White-Wolf founder of the beloved Earth and Sky Connection Shoppes.

  • one in the Heart of Downtown Barrie (Now co-owned by her beloved psychic son Skylar Pink)
  • the other up the street @The Witchy Medicine Gardens, also where she hosts Paganfest and other events as well facilitates workshops, esoteric healing, counselling, weddings and psychic sessions.

Tamare buys, sells, designs, crafts and showcases a wide variety of:

  • Spiritual items
  • Supplies
  • Gifts
  • Art

At our Shoppes, you’ll can find “gifts from around the world”, Local Canadian Art and Multi-faceted Services in an Open, Peaceful Environment.


Tamare credits her diverse knowledge base to her:

·         Spirit Guides ·         Ancestors ·         Friends
·         Teachers ·         Elders ·         Shamans
·         Seers ·         Clan Mothers ·         Chaplains
·         Ministers ·         Wiccans ·         Herbalists
·         Gypsies ·         Gemologists ·         Counselors
·         Student Explores ·         Skylar (her son) ·         and her Mother

Services offered by Tamare

Tamare inter-weaves her learnings from the ancient Shamanic, various Pagan traditions and teachings to provide:

·         Psychic Readings ·         Esoteric Workshops, ·   Healing circles and sessions.

She assists in spiritual healing within her community, schools, day cares, colleges and universities. She welcomes the opportunity “open armed & open minded” to assist others in their search for truth; Lawyers, Counselors, Police, Corporate Heads, Healers, Lovers, Seekers, Adopted and Adoptees alike….  Please join her for a session!

Ordained Minister

Tamare is legally licensed to perform:

  • Handfastings
  • Weddings
  • Death Ceremonies
  • Birth Ceremonies
  • Name Blessings

Text Tamare today to discuss your requirements!! 705-309-7171

Or Call 705-739-7171

She has enjoyed writing in Alternative Health Magazines and memberships in organizations such as the Multi-Faith Council on Spiritual and Religious Care, Childcare Related Groups, Metaphysical and Paranormal Association, Environmental/Animal Protection Groups and Native Organizations etc.

Her Personal Story

Tamare is a Leo (with Capricorn Signature) has a Scorpio moon, and a Virgo ascendant.. Born the year of the Rat in Toronto. Her ascendants come from Canada (Powassin), England and Italy (Sicily). She has only one birth son who is spirited and the love of her life, this young man Skylar Pink has been her right hand from a young age. He has been her biggest teacher, greatest love and source of joy. Many have called her their “Spirit Mama” too many to name expect for one, who Tamare and Skylar came to love deeply and completely and is considered a son and brother    Andrew J.Baker. Tamare is encouraged & supported by her Mother & Sisters, they have been her greatest teachers & best of friends.

Tamare White-Wolf,  follows one of the oldest ‘religions’ (not really a religion, more of a lifestyle) of the world, Shamanism. It is still used in primitive societies every day and at the core of many. However, in today’s society, we have forced The Shaman’s Way underground, where, it continued quietly in secret societies until the Age of Aquarius…the New Paradigm.

Tamare, a Shamanic Thinker, is actively reviving this old belief system by re-educating and sharing experiences. Finally, and happily, these evolving times and open minds reveal the truth, love and goodness of this ancient spiritual path.

Shamanic Healing assists in restoring balance to those in need. These ancient teachings provide knowledge and  acceptance. Teaching us to look past, the darkest hours, finding joy, love and forgiveness in all of life’s situations, particularly those beyond our control. Together we can seek out natural solutions regarding health and wellness through dreams, visions, nature and the muses.

The Healing Path may include:

·   Shamanic Journeying ·    Spiritual Counseling ·    Vision Questing ·   Dream Work
·    Smudging ·   Drumming ·   Eagle Feather Cleansing ·    Medicine Wheel Teaching
·     Healing Circles ·   Past-Life Regression ·    Soul/Spirit Retrieval ·    Chakra Crystal Clearing
·     Reiki ·   Huna                                     Therapeutic Touch                  Herbs

Tamare White-Wolf is also a Qualified E.C.E. providing Cultural Teachings for Elementary School, Day Care, College & University! She loves to share at many public speaking events and circles in her community, educating others on what she has learned about natural and earth based spiritual subjects! Give her a call if you have and idea!

Cannabis Advocate

Tamare White-Wolf, Shaman Spiritualist 30 years of learning the old ways, healing with herbs have brought these workshops to you today.

Tamare credits her Herbal Medicine Teachers & Native Elders, Jan Longboat & Susun Weed. Also in Tamare’s beginning days, Northern Lights Retreat and Rosemary Gladstar were a great inspiration, laying a foundation of solid theory and practice for using herbs to heal herself and family. Lastly, Tamare credits those courageous advocates and frontier workers of cannabis decriminalization. Their love for the herb and its diverse uses, passionately drove them to come out of the closet, regardless of the dangers during the time of inhibition, leading the way for others less courageous.

Tamare’s own mother fought a death sentence 25 years ago and won using both Essiac and Cannabis. Finally, a dear friend, Charlene Freedom braving the government whilst she created and shared some of the best cannabis products in our era, I salute and honour these Ladies Who Love Marijuana.

Make your own Cannabis Oil Workshop! With the costs of buying cannabis and the combined issue of government using radiation, unknown chemicals and herbicides, we really have no idea what’s in our medicines. It easier than you think to create your own! Source your seeds, grow it outside, create your own clean and natural oils which can be used for edibles and topicals in this and other innovative workshops put on Tamare. Just ask!