Storm ~ Thai Yoga Massage, Acupressure and much more @Paganfest 2019!

Storm ~ Thai Yoga Massage, Acupressure Swedish Massage and Trager.

You will find this feisty lady in Vendors Row to offer you both insight and massage.

“My journey on the path of healing started with me in a cute little candy striper outfit so eager to be helpful. I was even then studying human anatomy and physiology in preparation for acceptance to McMaster University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing which after two years evolved from the study of the body to the study of the mind, with an Honours Degree in Psychology.. I am a true Aquarian and carry around delightful bit of information I have gathered from the many different people I encounter daily.

I am a curious person and that applies to my discoveries in religion, spirituality, and the after-world. The way that I approach physical therapies was greatly altered when I discovered Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 1997. At Kripalu, I have studied and assisted in programs teaching Thai Yoga Massage Skills, Acupressure Swedish Massage and Trager techniques that are core elements in my approach to assisting the body into alignment.

Allowing ourselves to trust and accept another’s healing touch does not come easy to everyone.. Everyone deserves to be touched in a respectful and caring manner. If this is your first time to massage or you are considering coming again after an unpleasant experience, I have the delicacy and nurturance you may welcome to lead you back to a place of health.” – Storm.

Be sure to check out her spot in Vendor’s Row! And attend her workshops, listed below!

Through the Looking GlassĀ 

The 13th Step

Come Play with Yourself ~ Dance and Movement