Steve Chalk & Moon Drummer A FirePit Jam

Steve Chalk & Moon Drummer A FirePit Jam

steve n moondrummer


Moon and Steve have both been entertainers since the 70’s, but Paganfest is the first time they are pooling their talent to invite you into a world of pagan chant mixed with old rock n roll, along with some group drumming and dancing around the fire. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, bring your drums and beats!


About Moon: Moon Drummer has been known to appear around many a midnight fire, picking up beats and driving rhythms with anyone ready to go deep into grooves. A regular at HarvestFest, WiccanFest, and other “flame-driven” events, there’s nothing so soul-stirring as drumming outside, with the night sounds, around the fire. moon drummer2Find Moon Drummer @ Moon Drummer’s Journey for her upcoming events.  Here’s to drumming to the Moon!


Steve Chalk1About Steve: Steve Chalk is a gifted musician, Tai Chi Instructor, Meditation Instructor and Psychotherapist.. But around the fire at Paganfest, we will get to see him as a the performer, songwriter, and the talented, driving rocker that is his unbridled spirit!. Let’s welcome Steve on his first performance at this festival!


@ 11pm @ Main Firepit