Spirit Tea Leaf Readings

Spirit Tea Leaf Readings

With Seer Tamare White-Wolf Tea cup

I have been gifted this new way of delivering psychic sessions through the old method and Ancient Arts of Tea and Tasseomancy. My great grandfather and grandmothers family where professional tea cup readers way back in the day! One day they came through me to show me this incredible never before approach! I am delighted to offer it to you, many have already experienced it and tell me its like nothing they have done before!

We begin in the Apothecary at our Earth and Sky Connection location at the Witchy Garden Shoppe, Shamanic Healing Retreat and Learning Centre, where we carry hundreds of lose leaf herbs, roots and bark which we make blended teas from! (we also carry tinctures, salves, potions, lotions, underarm deoderant, balms, snuffs and oils)

How its done! 


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Using Your Own Bodies Kinetic Energy to first pick 3 herbs (out of hundreds) each herb speaks to you individually, so you dont have to worry that you will not know what to pick, as using this Scientifically proven method will not steer you wrong!


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This method will help us go directly to your present health and emotional issues before we even sit down to drink it, than of course after you drink it, a traditional tea leaf session of reading the cup begins and finally you get to take home some of the tea blend and recipe so you can always come back and replenish your cup!



Take Home You Own Personally Tea Blend From The Apothecary

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I always enjoy a cup with querent and can “taste” their inner being whether bitter or sweet its always a great cup if we add alittle honey besides that all the spirits of my clients are wonderfully delicious! lol

To add to the pleasure I include Tarot and Crystal Ball

Seer Tamare White-Wolf Detail

Session is just over an hour $170

Without the Tea to take home $150


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