Sound Healing and Meditation

Cynthia Beatty & Candice Blake and has continued ever since!


singer, song writer, ukulele, guitar, keys, ocarina, percussion

Inspired by the moonlit fires and dancing drum circles enjoyed at art and music festivals, Cynthias’ whimsical chants and soulful songs bloomed when collaborating with several talented musicians… Sofeya and the Puffins came to be. She grew up singing gospel in church, playing the piano, and singing solos in an award winning high school choir. She performed on local radio in elementary school, and cultivated her vocal range of 3+ octaves singing opera in college. Writing songs began when she was gifted her first guitar as a mom of three, and has continued ever since!


Candice Blake

Attending public school in upstate NY, with an excellent music program, Candice started playing 1st chair violin with the Jr high orchestra. Switching to viola in high school, she maintained her 1st chair with both. She won many awards playing in all state orchestra. After graduation, she taught violin in a private school. She continues teaching and expanding her musical abilities, playing with various genres, such as black gospel, bluegrass, blues, and rock. Certified in the O’Connor method, Candice continues to teach both children and adults. She also enjoys repairing and restoring antique violins in her spare time.

Their Workshop

Cynthia Beatty, aka, Sofeya Puffins and Candice Blake of Sofeya and the Puffins and CC Spirit Srtings will be hosting a musically inspired workshop of chants, hystories and magic of musical mojo, and meditation. Cynthia, an alchemical practitioner, has been a stained glass artist and illustrator for over two decades. Singer/songwriter for most her life, her favortie craft is the mojo of music. Candice teaches violin at the Scranton Academy of Music and will share her gift of violin song readings of your spirit. Join us for a muse of time.

Friday, July 19 @ 3pm @ The Stage