Shamanism & Totem Animals

Shamanism & Totem Animals

What is Shamanism? This ancient global belief system has been used by all indigenous cultures around the world. It speaks to the Earth and the sky, all that lives on it and around it, all the universal energy that hold it together.

Shamanism & Totem Animals workshop is a weekend opportunity to both relax in nature and learn about her many gifts! Animals have long been used in communing and reading the messages of our Earth Mother for thousands of years! Most indigenous cultures have remained connected to nature utilizing such methods in their daily lives and ceremonies!IMG_2812

Many have relearned these ways to some degree however have not put it fully together with the lessons and gifts of both the Medicine Wheel & Ancestors Teachings! By doing so it can and does assist in bringing one closer to their own centre and elevates us to receive our dreams and goals!

Animism is nature’s way of assisting us on our spiritual Earth path. Some animals may be trying to get through to you.

“Animism” is the worldview that non-human entities, such as animals, plants and inanimate objects possess a spiritual essence.

What does it mean if we dream these animals, or find we see them regularly in our nature walks or even on the roadside! It does relay a deep and profound message and it changes according to which direction we see it, if its alive or not! Or even if its a gift of a feather, it all matters!

IMG_3190Also we are all destined by our connections and our earth astrology and these animals are reflective in our charts, many sit on the medicine wheel in directions that show our positioning in the universe! Knowing these things will help you with both the timing of events and proposed activity as well as how to proceed in terms of intensities and style!

We will cover the majority  Canadian Wild Life and align it with our own personal Medicine Wheel Direction! Join us for a weekend get away on the beautiful land of Earth and Sky Connection, stay in our new Trailer and camp out for a wonderful relaxing and uplifting few days, for a enlightened experience of Shamanism & Totem Animals workshop!

You may already feel connected to specific animals, let’s find out why…

Let Tamare share her knowing in order for you to get the best out of the messages.

August 14th -16th $250-

with Tamare White-Wolf Contact her for details at 705-739-7171