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Sky Pink

Psychic, Seer & Spiritualist, New Owner of Earth and Sky Connection, Son of Tamare White-Wolf Founder of Earth And Sky Connection
“In the beginning when my mother started Earth and Sky Connection I was a very young boy of 4 years old. One of my earliest memories are of playing around on the floor with my toys. I remember all the changes too, for instance when we moved from our first location downtown by the movie theater at five points. By then I was old enough to have a bit more freedom so I used to store my bike at the back of the shop while I hung out at the beach with friends.

Earth and Sky Connection has been such a big part of my life, as it was created when 1997, it’s all I have known. Now coming out from behind the scenes to be a bigger part of the day to day functioning, I can offer my community and friends the gifts I’ve both learned and lived! I look forward to meeting you all soon!” Blessed Be 



Skylar Pink  is an amazingly accurate 6th Generational Psychic and from before the age of 2 he has been sharing and SEEING! From the age of 4 he has been listening to the Tarot Teachings as his mother Tamare White-Wolf taught others in the room beside his bedroom and innocently began telling the students answers to their Tarot Questions and has endure 4 years of professional training!

Psychic Session $25 for 15 minutes, $50 1/2 hr- $90-1 hr



It is my pleasure to celebrate your special day with you and yours, please feel free to BOOK your Psychic Reading with me, within ONE WEEK of your Birthday for  50% off your session

MY GIFT TO YOU… Blessings & Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Hour Tarot Sessions

Only on Friday’s 4-6 pm, 2 for 1 readings. Bring a friend with you and both will get your sessions for half price.

Drop in or book an appointment to avoid disappointment!

Psychic Parties
Invite 5 friends and yourself for a party of 6 Only $55 each tax included.
In Town – 4 Guest Requirement $55 per person (Must be in & around Barrie & Midland area.)
Out of Town – 8 Guest Requirement $65 per person (Travelling longer than an 1 hr to your location.)
SPECIAL EVENTS: Holidays,Birthdays, Bridal Showers etc…

Earth And Sky Connection Shoppe ~
11 Clapperton st Barrie 705-739-7171

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