Secret Santa Exchange ALL WELCOME

christmas%20treeSecret Santa Exchange ALL WELCOME

Secret Santa Exchange ALL WELCOME. A facebook Event! 
Lets connect with others of like mindedness and who wish to share in this wonderful holiday season of giving and sharing! If you are experienced in providing professional services in their community. If you have any service, skill or craft you are welcome to participate however you must be able to provide your gift of service in either, long distance, virtual. telephone, skype and or in person.

santa psychic
If you are a Psychic, who does tarot, tea leaf, palm, astrology, clairvoyance, medium, seer etc… or a



santa healingHealer who is a practitioner in reiki, therapeutic touch, huna, shamanic healing, chakras, crystals, nutrition, personal trainer, yoga, pole dance, belly dance, massage, reflexology, counselling, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc
Self Care such as those that cut hair, or provide manicures, pedicures, waxing or who operate a spa or gym etc, we welcome you too!
Crafters are of all kinds are welcome too!


If you are a mechanic, accountant, house cleaner etc it doesn’t matter however if you must be in person to provide the service make it known what area you will be able and willing to travel too and I will be sure to coordinate the pool of participants to exchange from! santa healer

On the facebook group just add or delete accordingly, your name or any friends name you think would enjoy being in the membership. The draw will be done boxing day all entries will end Dec 25th and it is hoped that all will be exchanged by the end of January!
If you wish please post your self profile or your business on the wall and tell us your gift idea and how you will be providing the gift, i.e. must be in the Barrie area or online etc! If you want you can post your wish list comments as we go! Maybe Santa will set you up for exactly what you want!
Lets have some fun my friends in spreading some good vibes this holiday season!
Santa car

Blessings to all and too all have a great exchange! Tamare White-Wolf
( I will start with and Eagle Feather Healing and Divination valued at $170- mine must be done in person, in the Barrie area as the Eagle Feather maybe gifted to the individual if spirit directs such a giveaway at the end of the healing and reading) as the Eagle feather is given afterwards)