A Seat at Mimirs Well Workshop with Zach Imrie

A Seat at Mimirs Well: ZacAsatru3h Imrie

Zach Imrie has sought the truth of the runes and the words of the Gods for many years. He has studied Norse history, culture and customs extensively and is devoted to living alongside the gods now in Asatru. Asatru1It is a day to day, moment to moment pursuit for him and one to which he has dedicated much time and effort. He is eager to speak with those interested to share knowledge and enrich each others experience of the Old Ways!

A Seat at Mimirs Well is an in-depth discussion of the Norse Gods and myths through the lens of Asatru.

This program will focus on a discussion of three key myths within the Norse Sagas, how they can be interpreted, and some historical context to add provenance to these stories. We will then deepen our discussion as to how these stories may apply to the assembled.

We will discuss the nature of Asatru – the modern incarnation of this reborn, ancient faith and how it can relate and function in today’s world. We are very excited to have Zach Irmrie join us this year at Paganfest for this workshop!
This workshop will take place on Sunday, July 21st around 3pm.