SALE 30% off All Crystals priced $100 or more!

SALE 30% off All Crystals priced $100 or more!

various crystals
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SALE 30% off All Crystals priced $100 or more! Enjoy the mystery and intrigue in your own home when you buy yourself a gift from the earth! You can choose one favorite crystal or many in various shapes and sizes. eggs, crystal balls, animal carvings and some of the most gorgeous gems cut and fitted to unique sterling silver settings. It is thought that these wonderous crystals come from the cores of the fires with the earth. Crystals are capable of much healing as they promote specific energy sources that most definately change the ambiance of both a room and a person! I’m certain you have noticed how magestic it feels when you walk into a well crafted herb garden with a shapely stone landscape or feel the cool smoothness of amarble floor under your feet or see the sparkling shine off a granitic counter tops!

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Crystals have been used for centuries by our ancestors in both practical skilled craft and ancient spiritual healing methods. Much was lost as each era’s knew knowledge change the medicines we used for healing. With the many illness our society faces today and the search for more natural healing practices, we are witness to a notable shift and re-emergence of their many spirited uses.

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We don’t hold this SALE often and in honour of  holiday season, Blessed Yule / Christmas. We would like everyone to be encourage to include their use in daily life. Our true gift to you is helping you choose just the right one, one that offers you a deep connection with a little piece of earth and sky, something that obviously vibrates and stimulates your mental, spiritual and physical health and wellness.

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Wearing these beautiful flashy firey bursts or simply having them near you at all times will improve over all life. Why woudn’t you take this opportunity ?