Sacred Touch Workshop and Snuggle Party

What is a Sacred Touch Workshop and Snuggle Party?

Sacred Touch Workshop and Snuggle Party Facilitator
Cherie Ann Day – Make Love for Peace Founder

A Sacred Touch workshop and Snuggle Party is the 3rd in a series of workshops and courses that are offered for those wanting to take the Make Love for Peace work to the next level.

We will participate in exercises which explore how love shows up in one’s life, what intimacy means to you and others. The exercises are for both partners and singles they help us to have our own personal experiences. There is a focus on communication skills and what it means to each of us to be responsible for our own actions. Choice, safety, honesty and trust are emphasized.

The exercises explore communication, intimacy and sacred touch in safe and nurturing environment. Learning in a fun and experiential way how to feel, experience and honour our own energy and love as well as that of other consenting partners. A Sacred touch workshop and snuggle party is a great way for you to meet new people in a safe environment, while exploring your boundaries and sacredness in a fun, delicious and expanded way. You can also come with your partner or friend and deepen your intimate connection. Please let us know if you have any food allergies, we will have delectable delights on hand for your yummy pleasure.




We are all Sacred!

Saturday 2PM @ (Pans Way Tent)


Cherie Day

Grandmother, Healer, Speaker, & Author. ? Tantra and Bhakti Yoga Teacher specialized in Love, Relationship & Sacred Sexuality ~ Make Love for Peace.

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