Rose Hips Berries

Rose Hips Berries


Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Chakra Colour: Violet

Medicinal Uses: Rose Hips Berries once played a role as a freely available herb tea for various conditions, especially among country people. The fruits (including the seeds) are diuretic and have been recommended as a remedy for kidney and bladder conditions such as gravel and stones. The seeds, boiled for at least an hour, are helpful in rheumatic, gouty and arthritic conditions. The fruits are refreshing and rich in vitamin C and make an excellent tea for feverish conditions. These berries are soothing and gently cleansing for the digestive system. The tea makes a tasty, safe and refreshing children’s beverage.

Magical Uses:  Rose Hips Berries belong to Venus and may be used as a charm to attract health and wealth. The belly-shaped fruit, packed with seeds, is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. The fruits placed beneath the pillow protect the sleeper against nightmares and nasty spirits that seek to disturb the nightly peace.

Other Names: Apothecary Rose, Cynorhodon, Cynorhodons, Cynosbatos, Dog Rose, Dog Rose Hips

Contraindications: Do not use if you are pregnant or breast feeding or have sickle cell disease, or if you are taking aluminum in antacids, estrogens, anticoagulant, diuretics.


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