The Red Tent Workshop @Paganfest 2019

The Red Tent

The Sacred “Miss-Stories” of Women.

We are very pleased to welcome this sacred goddess to our festival, as she shares with us the ancient ways of woman. Bringing The Red Tent to Barrie, Ontario! All the way from USA! She has shared these teachings with many festivals across the nation; Free Spirit Gathering 2012,  Brushwood Women’s Retreat 2015, Dirty Mother Tribal Gathering 2105,  Sister Space 2015, Hearthstone Temple 2015, THE Beltane 2012, Ramblewood 2013, Autumn Goddess Retreat 2014, Fusion 2015, and PaganFest in 2015. Thank you for sharing far and wide, our woman are grateful and healthier for it!

Denise Cumor is a Priestess, Educator & Facilitator of The Red Tent, Denise Cumorwho defies the patriarchal paradigm by following her own intuitive path, through creative expression and her commitment to womyn’s empowerment in the arts & history of sexuality and divine feminine worship.

Experiences that have strengthened her commitment: Clerk at the feminist/ lesbian 31st St Book Store in Baltimore, working as a Dancer for 4 years on Baltimore’s infamous ‘Block;’ teaching OB-GYN protocol & techniques to medical students with Johns Hopkins; a decade of costume design in Baltimore, directing & acting in various productions of the Vagina Monologues; A 3 year purgatory as a corporate Event Planner, Event Coordinator & Sex Educator for the Spiral Dance Women’s Center, vending, facilitating & educating in the Red Tent for 7 years in the mid-Atlantic Pagan community, Coordinator for The Scarlet Den at THE Beltane & The Inner Sanctum at Blue Ridge Beltane.

She has been making music and writing poetry for over 20 years, her current musical project is Red Wound. Creating art, music and sacred space for womyn has been her joy and salvation.
What is it all About? Reclaiming the hidden truth, gifts and sacred ways of woman. red tent denise1

Many moons ago we celebrated Wise Woman Ways, we bled and shed together under the Red Tent. Sharing our dreams, premonitions, our visions, our fears, many were inspired to express their muse with song, dance and other artistic creations. All actions in the Red Tent were of healing and empowering the soul to live in balance with the female vibration. Here we find all womyn young and old, bleeding or not learning about the magic of being a woman. We are an extension of mother earth; she gives us the gifts that bring us to our center, here we commune with her under the moon and stars. We have lost our connection, due to propaganda, fear and intimidation which ultimately moved us away from this knowing place we once shared in our “Rights of Passage”.

These old traditions have been found in many past cultures as Red Tents, Red Moon Lodges, Moon Lodges, Red Sweat Lodges and other various Women’s Lodges. It has been said when they were removed from a culture’s traditions that the culture became weak making the core of the culture corrupted and eventually either lost completely or unrecognizable. We join in the task of bringing balance to man and woman by re-connecting them like never before in this era. By strengthening our woman we can achieve the re-building of our society as it should always have been!

The last 10 years we have seen an emergence across turtle island honoring woman in these ways. Red Tent Traditions were brought to the mainstream by some powerful red tentauthors one being Anita Diamant. We are so very grateful too because so many have found they are connected to the universe in magical ways, some may only be dreaming about it and have yet to be fully illuminated. Those that have gathered in circles with other woman have felt stronger when together. Many have aligned with the sacred teachings of Mary Magdalene and Gnostic Spirituality. Others still searching found ancient and new age Witchery. So many are now being called to Healing with Nature and Esoteric Energy. Drum circles have increased the heartbeat of the people instigating our own hearts to beat as one!

We are finding our way back because we are remembering! Our greatest gift is Love!

We Raise the Red Tent in Barrie, Ontario at Paganfest 2019 July 17-22nd.

Lets embrace the things we don’t talk about! Pre-Blood/Maiden, Fertile Years/Mother, Post-Blood/Crone are encouraged to gather once again under the guidance of a well seasoned Red Moon Goddess, Denise Cumor. We inspire you to return to the powerful vibrations of your personal magic, your women folk and the spirit of Grandmother Moon and all her goddesses!

Red-Tent-1Possible discussion and activities, always organic!

Register Now Spaces are limited!

Denis Cumor’s Website



  • Menstruation
  • Menopause
  • Dreams
  • Psychicism
  • Spiritualism
  • Magic
  • Divination Play

  • Art
  • Crafting
  • Drumming
  • Relationships
  • Love
  • Midwifery
  • Family Planning

  • Marriage
  • Food
  • Work/School
  • Healing
  • Life
  • Sex
  • Anger

461 Penetanguishene Rd @Earth and Sky Connection and Headquarters to Canadian Pagan Spiritualists.

The Red Tent workshop will be held each day of Paganfest at 1pm for an hour, with intensive workshops on Wednesday and Thursday.

The first group of woman who gather with us during this festival will be given the tools to return and/or to create this sacred place in their own families, communities and circles! We ask that you invite someone to accompany you!

Raise the Red Tent in your area too!

Adult Fee $50 Red Tent Adult (Public)

Youth/Elder $30   Red Tent (Public)

Adult ($30-Campers Rate)Red Tent Adult (Campers Rate)

  Youth/Elder ($10-Campers Rate)Red Tent Youth & Elder (Campers Rate)

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