Quantum Touch and BioMat

In this Quantum Touch and BioMat 

you will Learn more about…

  • The History of Quantum Touch
  • Healing Success Stories
  • Resonance and Enterainment
  • Body Intelligence
  • Unique Insights into Healing
  • How to Learn QT
  • How you can use it in conjunction with other Modalities like the Amethyst Crystal BioMat.

With a Quantum Touch session, you can,

you can, rapidly eliminate pain without drugs, quickly reduce swelling and inflammation and put bones back into alignment (TMJ etc). Quantum Touch can also dissolve headaches, speed recovery from any illness, resolve emotional issues (distress & pain), reverse deformities…(Scoliosis, etc), eliminate the need for C-section birth
and create pain-free childbirth.

With Quantum Touch® Level 1 techniques ordinary people develop a real sense of confidence that they can truly help others, while experienced practitioners find that their skills significantly deepen. Before lunch on the first day, you’ll do sessions for each other and will see even beginners move bones into proper alignment. You’ll take home skills which will enable you to ease stress, reduce pain, and facilitate healing for yourself and others. You’ll be able to help your animal friends with Quantum Touch as well. It’s so easy, even children can learn it. It’s so effective, it’s used by professional healers. Quantum Touch naturally enhances Reiki, qigong, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, etc. Our natural and innate potential to help others is simply extraordinary and the techniques are extraordinarily simple to learn.

The Amethyst Crystal BioMat

The Bio-Mat™ mx Amethyst, used by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, enjoy the soothing 3-part synergy of the quantum energetics of Infrared Heat Rays, Negative Ion therapy and the healing properties of Amethyst. If you are already a healing practitioner, this is a wonderful tool to add to what you are already doing. It helps the client get into a relaxed and open state so they are more able to receive.

Amethyst Crystal Bio-mat

Detoxify with the BioMat

Would you like restore your health?
Do you suffer from joint pain and stiffness? Fibromyalgia?
Want more restful sleep?
Do you have back or neck pain due to an auto accident or work-related injury?
Are you looking to burn calories and control your weight?
Want to reduce stress and fatigue?
Improve your Immune System?

Cherie Ann Day is a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor. She will be offering mini sessions on Saturday and Sunday for both Quantum Touch and the Amethyst Crystal Biomat.

Sunday 12pm @Tent


Cherie Day

Grandmother, Healer, Speaker, & Author. ? Tantra and Bhakti Yoga Teacher specialized in Love, Relationship & Sacred Sexuality ~ Make Love for Peace.

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