Psychic Parties

Psychic Parties



Tamare White Wolf is celebrating a wonderful life of working as a Psychic (this year 2015) and invites you too to Celebrate those 25 YEARS with her by hosting a Psychic Party in your home! As her gift to you the HOST, she offers you a FREE SESSION! Must have 6 others (in town) or 10 others (out of town) IMG_3231

Invite one or more of one of our wonderful Professional Team Psychics & Seers for a one on one in-person and/or on-line private session, or a large group experience. Our Psychics will be honoured to sit with you and your guests, we take pleasure in making your event the talk of the town!…

Some of our modalities that will be available:

Psychic Reading , Tarot, Pendulum, Sacred Path Reading, Angel Readings, Crystal Ball, Past Life Regression, Psychometry (reading picutes, clothing or jewelry) Totem Animal Spirit Reading, Eagle Feather Healing & Reading, Dream Analology  

Psychic Party Requirements:

In Town – 6 Guest Requirement $65 per person

Out of Town – 10 Guest Requirement $75 per person
SPECIAL EVENTS: Halloween, Christmas, Bridle/Baby Showers etc…

Allow us to complement your event for a few hours and we’ll fit up to 30 of your guests with 5 minute “In Person Sessions” for only $420- .

If you’re event is long distance we can MSN/Skype your party with the help of the Internet and each guest can have a visit with us on-line, with one easy payment to paypal, visa, mastercard or american express. If you’d rather have us take all the hard work outta collecting the fees, we can provide the service for you! TRY IT!!!!



Your event needs can be customize accordingly, the duration of the session will be negotiated up to 30 minutes per guest, then we can decide the number of Psychics required, maybe even determine the type of Psychic Services, everything is relevant! Let us know we’ll keep it simple and affordable!
We are a collective of Independent yet interwoven Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Channelers, Spiritualists and Healers, all gifted in various modalities and divination alternatives. Each of us add a quality of energy due to our unique individual spiritual paths, WE all havesomething a little different to offer you.

Tamare White-Wolf

Liz Moon Eagle

J. Andrew Baker