Protection: Cascarilla Powder & Black Salt

Within the many different philosophies and spiritualities, different forms of protection are incredibly common. Depending on what resonates with you personally, things like crystals, spells, talismans, god and/or goddess figures and much more can come in very handy. When it comes to protecting yourself, your space and your energies, we like to keep a wide variety of options.

Cascarilla Powder

Cascarilla powder can traditionally be traced back to West African witchcraft. It is commonly used to protect oneself, home and property from negativity or evil. This powder can be used to protect your health, wealth and even bring love to your relationships. It is also known to helpĀ reduce fevers, operate as an expectorant, and even clear flatulence.

Our Cascarilla Powders are all hand made out of crushed egg shells in correlation with the specific moon, astrological time and intentions for it’s purpose.

Health: Rub the powder between your hands, run your fingers through your hair, on your face and feet and all over your body. The powder can also be incorporated into your bath to provide protection for yourself, as well as cleanse your energies and promote healing.

Love: Sprinkle in and underneath your bed, on the face of a photo of your beloved, on clothing etc.

Wealth: You can put some of the powder in your wallet, on money you are investing, in your cash drawer at work or even on the floor of your banking area.

Cascarilla powder can also be used in cleaning products for your home to cleanse energies and protect your space, as well as scattered across an area in order to cleanse/protect it. You can incorporate it into almost anything in order to bring specific energies.

Black Salt

Our black salt is created on the right day of the week, on the right moon, with the right amount of energy to bring protective energies to you and drive away evil or negativity. ItĀ is a mixture of Himalayan salt and sacred ashes/embers. Our salt also has an added bit of magic in the form of lava collected from Italy at the volcano Etna. We believe this will bring the passion and fire needed for solid protection. Sprinkle in any area such as cars, houses, doorways, windows, businesses and much more to cleanse and protect it. This will help keep negative energies and/or spirits at bay and bad vibes out of your space.

Black salt can be used in a great variety of spells and rituals to enhance your intentions and protect yourself. It if often used for the purpose of banishing unwanted energies, spirits, and/or people from one’s space. It is also used for absorbing toxins, both physically and psychically.

There are many different types of ritual salts that can be used in different rituals or spells to better match your intentions. For example, essential oils and herbs can be added to the ritual salts in order to better specify the energy you’re looking to evoke. Use our hand-made, authentic black salt as a base for your intentions!

Both Cascarilla Powder and Black Salt are incredible tools used for protection and purification, and have many uses in different types of spells and rituals as you can see. If you’ve never worked with either of these before, we definitely recommend giving it a shot!

Drop by our Downtown Barrie location at 11 Clapperton St to take a look, and learn more about what these amazing and hand made mixtures can do for you!