Primordial Stew Joins us @Paganfest 2019

Primordial Stew Joins us @Paganfest 2019 

Primordial Stew has extensive experience in the use of Ancient Gardening Techniques. He has 20 plus years experience growing cannabis in all forms, using both hydroponic and outdoor methods.

He has been a yoga practitioner for over 15 years and a martial artist for 39 years. He has helped many people overcome diseases, including cancer through his extensive knowledge of martial arts and yoga. His teachings are sure to enable the participants to not only reverse a variety of diseases, but show you how to live to your greatest potential and become healthier, stronger and more resilient!

If you’re interested in attending one (or both) of his workshops at Paganfest this year (July 17-22, 2019), check out the links below!

Overcoming Diseases with Primordial Stew.

Fermental for Farming with Stew.