Prediction Sept 29-Oct 5-15


Prediction Sept 29-Oct 5-15

Weekly Psychic Prediction

imagePrediction Sept 29-Oct 5-15

LoveVibe- Memories of the past are stimulated by the similarities in the present and that will have you spinning with excitement and potential folly! Be mindful of the pitfalls by allowing yourself to review them with unbiased opinion! Now just take your time and enjoy the synergy, the chemistry and the wave of refreshing energy that comes it with the connection!







HealthVibe- You’ll be dragging your butt due to a lingering health issue. You need to give yourself some rest and time to recuperate with serious attention to the right herb and regimen, be consistent and committed to the plan and you’ll be up to your renewed self in a few weeks. Be thankful for every moment and strive for health!







BusinessVibe – Your finances maybe reviewed by others with differing opinions, despite this discrepancy funds with begin to flow more positively towards you and your business. This allows for pending projects to be completed and encourages futures plans for upgrades and facelifts all around, meaning a welcome infuse of cash flow in general!

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