Penny Royal

Penny Royal









Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Chakra Colour: Orange

Medicinal Uses: Pennyroyal tea is the use of an infusion made from the herb, the infusion is widely reputed as safe to ingest in restricted quantities. It has been traditionally employed and reportedly successful as a(menstrual flow stimulant. The most popular current use of the tea is to settle the stomach. Other reported medicinal uses through history include fainting, flatulence, gall ailments, gout, hepatitis (presumably Hepatitis A), a lung cleanser, a gum strengthener and, when ground with vinegar, a tumour remedy, although there is little to no medical evidence on any of these treatments. The leaves as an insect repellent, and during the Middle Ages, it was a strewing herb (it smells really good) and used to get rid of bugs. Renaissance sailors purified their drinking water with it, and its scent mixed with wormwood was a remedy for seasickness. Pennyroyal tea has long been popular for warding off colds, because it causes sweating.   Crushed pennyroyal stems stuck in your hat and pockets really will repel gnats and mosquitoes. Drank with wine, it is good for venomous bites, and applied to the nostrils with vinegar revives those who faint and swoon. Dried and burnt, it strengthens the gums, helps the gout, if applied of itself to the place until it is red, and applied in a plaster, it takes away spots or marks on the face; applied with salt, it profits those that are splenetic, or liver grown…. The green herb bruised and putinto vinegar, cleanses foul ulcers and takes away the marks of bruises and blows about the eyes, and burns in the face, and the leprosy, if drank and applied outwardly…. One spoonful of the juice sweetened with sugar-candy is a cure for hooping-cough.

Magical Uses: It has been used for protection, exorcism and peace. Put in shoe to prevent fatigue. Add to summer incenses and to protection and exorcism incenses. Good for settling disputes.

Other Names: European Pennyroyal, Lurk-In-The-Ditch, Mosquito Plant, Organ Broth, Organs, Organ Tea, Piliolerian, Pudding Grass, Run-By-The-Ground, Squaw mint, Tickweed

Contraindications: Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding or have kidney disease. Dried pennyroyal should not be used as a natural flea repellent due to its toxicity to pets, even at extremely low levels.

Faye Boyd

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