Pagan Songs

Pagan Songs with Tamare White-Wolf

Tamare has been learning these old and new loved pagan songs.

tamare leader of pagan songs

Meet Tamare White-Wolf founder of Paganfest and owner of this sacred land and of Earth and Sky Connection! She will be doing a Ritual for Lugh the Sun God, a Handfasting Ceremony and a few other special workshops!

Have you been missing these good vibes, maybe even forgetting them!

We need to sing more, raising the vibrations for ourselves and our rituals. She will help us get the rhythm right, learn songs you will take home in your heart and will be able to bring them where ever you go!

Tamare may even teach you how to Spiral Dance if we raise enough energy!

Below are some you will experience and have sooooo much fun with!

Bring your percussion instruments if you wish!

Friday, Sunday @5:30 @Sacred Fire Pit