Overcoming Diseases with Primordial Stew @Paganfest 2019

Overcoming Diseases with Primordial Stew @Paganfest 2019!

Breathing, plant based-medicines, mineral supplementation with sea salt water, slow juicing, cold water therapy and yoga. With all, or a combination of these, participants will be shown how to PH their bodies back to an Alkaline state. Overcoming vascular disease, obesity, arthritis and even develop happiness! We will address the best ways to prevent and reverse Bone Density loss, prevent and reverse diseases by showing participants how to eat, what to eat and why they should be doing it.

This workshop will build on the day before as each day unfolds, however you wont have to go to each one to get some amazing information, techniques and methods aimed at helping one move into a much healthier life as you change your patterns for new untried but definitely true ways to optimize your life for a long active lifestyle.

He has been a yoga practitioner for over 15 years and a martial artist for 39 years. His teaching will enable the participants to not only reverse disease, but show you how to live to your greatest potential!

Your facilitator ~ Primordial Stew BIO

Workshop will be held at 10am on Friday July 19th, Saturday July 20th and Sunday July 21st @ The Main Fire pit.