Shelby Brown

Shelby Brown is a shamanic practitioner, palmist, astrologer and tarot card reader. She was first drawn to her mothers tarot cards when she was a young girl, reading any book she could find on the intuitive arts. Shelby started working as a psychic entertainer, in palmistry while studying psychology at University of Toronto. Shelby uses her tarot cards in all aspects of her own life, supporting long term clients, and continuing to deepen her tarot skills by meditating on the rich symbolism, and sacred paths we walk on our spiritual journey here on earth. Shelby brings her 15 years of intuitive experience to the online portal at Earth and Sky Connection to help clients gain positive insights and clarity to life’s seeming random events, as well as a meaningful experience and illumination on how to harvest the gems from life’s challenges.

Back on the scene after some time to have children Shelby, psychic, palmist, astrologer, brings 15 years to the table. Shelby is known for her skills in Tarot and welcomes you to allow her to intuit messages in order to assist you on your journey to happiness!

$45 per half hour session (Online only)