Scarlet is known for her warmth and sincerity as she delivers astoundingly accurate messages from loved ones on the other side. She has been appropriately nicknamed Wise Sage. As well as being a Psychic Medium, Scarlet is a Reiki Master, Tea Leaf Reader and Life Coach.

In a reading with Scarlet, you will spend time connecting with Spirit and Divination. You will receive healing messages and messages of validation from Spirit.




Scarlet uses Oracle Cards to provide healing messages from Spirit and Divination, for the following types of readings:

Guidance Readings
Clarity Readings
Life Purpose Readings
Chakra Readings
Relationship Readings

“I see my gift as something to be honored. I read to provide hope for others and to give peace of mind that there is a life after life. I enjoy helping you heal and find peace and clarity that your loved ones are well. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you through your journey.” ~ Scarlet xo



I can’t thank you enough for my reading. For the first time in days I feel like things are going to be ok.
Scarlet you’re a beautiful person and I’m blessed to have been able to hear from my Grandma through your wonderful skills. I was blown away! -JM

I was very nervous to do a reading as I have never done one before, and I wasn’t sure if I could trust a Psychic! Circumstances had presented themselves where I felt pulled to have a conversation with Scarlet. When she started reading me, my Mom came through and I didn’t even tell Scarlet that she had passed. Scarlet started saying stuff that no one would ever know about my Mom, and she delivered the message with such care and sincerity. I will definitely be contacting Scarlet again! – KAM

Just wanted to email you a quick note to say thank you for the private reading and also for channeling my friend who was murdered. I was happy to hear he’s alright and still around. -LM


Scarlet ❤️

Remember… there is Life after Life ✨

$60 per half hour session (Online Only)