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Karla Ix Kawok

Psychic Reader, Ayurveda Medicine, Massage Therapist, Manual Osteopath, Reiki & Energetic Surgery

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Karla Ix Kawok was born in Mexico, her love and passion for helping people made her knock doors other than allopathic medicine such as energy healing. Her “call” started in 1998 and started to study Universal Energy and in 2000 Reiki. She decided to go deeper and studied Tarot being the Egyptian Tarot, the one which she felt a deep connect.

In 2006 when she started to “see” during Ayurveda Massage healing sessions, this enabled her to do energetic surgery,  helping  to reduce clients physical and emotional stress and to others,  as a guide helping to make decisions and providing sacred geometry, with messages from their guides, masters or ancestors.

In 2009 Karla Ix Kawok met a Mayan priestess who became her teacher in how to read the Mayan calendar and be an “ajqij” or time keeper. Her mission as a Mayan is to heal and be able to help her community through her ability to “see”  through interpretation of dreams and visions.

Therapies that Karla Ix Kawok performs are Psychic Surgery, Reiki, Universal Energy healing and teaching, Pendulum healing, Crystal healing, Mayan cleanses, Mayan healing ceremonies, Reiki and healing distance through Tarot.

In 2010, Karla added  Ayurveda Medicine, Massage Therapist and Manual Osteopath Practitioner. to her modalities of healing work!

Karla Ix Kawok also loves art as she is an opera singer and had sung with different opera companies in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton. She has produced Spanish Operas being her dream to sing in a Mexican Opera this year. She sang in different bands in Mexico and recorded 3 albums.

Karla Ix Kawok “thanks Earth and Sky Connection and Tamare White-Wolf for giving me the opportunity to feel apart of this amazing community”. Karla welcomes the chance to be part of other traditions and methods of healing .

She offers you her unique methods to you!

$45 half hour session (online only)



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