November 17-23-2015 Weekly Psychic Predictions

November 17-23-2015 Weekly Psychic Predictions

November 17-23-2015 Weekly Psychic Predictions with Seer Tamare White-Wolf

Nov 17-23-15 1

Love – There’s much to much at stake to make a wrong turn were commitments and family relations are concerned. It doesn’t take much effort to show you care, so if your not feeling or seeing it, trust me its just not there! As disappointing as that may be its better to know the truth. Before you put anymore energy or time into bad, think about what you really need and want in your life!






Nov 17-23-15 3

Health-Its more revitalizing to spend time in nature than taking a nap. You might meet just the right person who will assist you greatly on your path to total wellness however you really have to DO what is advised. Take no short cuts and make those changes now! It wont be easy but will be well worth the effort as you will be feeling amazing in before a month passes!






Nov 17-23-15 2

Business – It seems your work never ends, once you get one thing done there’s another pending issue just waiting for your Midas touch. Put your smartest people on some of those tasks and do your best. Eventually you will gain headway however there’s still a way to go before you can break open the champagne to celebrate completion! In the meantime celebrate your team players with a nice surprise!






Nov 17-23-15


Depicted here is the infamous Thoth Tarot Deck

Incredible images only deciphered by the wisest of occult minds!Book by Aleister Crowley and Aleister Ziegler. This popular Thoth Tarot is a divinatory tarot deck painted by Lady Frieda Harris according to instructions from Aleister Crowley. Crowley referred to this deck as The Book of Thoth, and also wrote a book of that title intended for use with the deck.

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